Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Bastard Hop

Cascade (hop), a US-bred aroma hop that is particularly popular with the craft brewing industry in the United States. While it remains popular, it was once so prevalent that it virtually defined the flavor of American microbrewed beer. Cascade was developed by the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) hop breeding program in Corvallis, Oregon, and released in 1971. It was the first US-bred aroma hop from the program. Cascade has low to moderate alpha-acids (4.5%-7.0% w/w) and mid range oil content (0.7-1.4 ml/100g). It arose from an open pollinated hop seed collection in 1956, and its parentage include the English Fuggle, the Russian Serebrianks, and an unknown male. Cascade aromatics can be described as floral and citrusy, with notes of grapefruit and pine needles. - Thomas Shellhammer and Alfred Haunold. The Oxford Companion to Beer. 2012

Pallidus Cascade

I have decided to turn Corvus Pallidus into a Single Hop Experiment. The malt bill will remain the same from batch to batch, I will try to stay within the parameters of an APA and replicate a 40 IBU level each time but the hop varietal will change.

Pacific Northwest Premium Tow Row Malt

Today I brewed Pallidus Cascade(6.4%). It seemed like the hop to start it off. All went well and I just squeaked in with an OG:1.044.

Pallidus Cascade OG

This low end gravity was due to a small H2O miscalculation but all will be fine and the copious qualities of the Cascade hop should shine through.

Cucurbita is in the bottle and Tuco's Bitch is a sessionable little blonde ale perfect for the Bizzy in your life.

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