Sunday, October 9, 2011

Please Sir, I want some More

Corvusblanca has been very well received. Very well indeed. And now, at this very moment, I am pouring the last bottle.

I have just finished a fine day of brewing another batch of the Beautiful Wit.

Corvusblanca 10/11 1
Corvusblanca 10/11 2
My cleanest and smoothest Brewday yet.

Corvusblanca 10/11 4
My OG is a little high but so am I. Whattya gonna do? With the clear candi sugar and all the spices (did you see those saffron hairs at the top of the mix?), the fact that I'm not trying to adhere to traditional standards and the Belgians can do whatever they want anyways, I'm not concerned about it.

Corvusblanca 10/11 5

Bottling Cucurbita (center) on Tuesday.

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Anonymous Joe Pacini said...

what's the brewery tour schedule?

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