Sunday, December 4, 2011

Apollo: Son of Zeus

Apollo (hop) is a variety that seem to be part of a newly cultivated group of high alpha acid hops. It is the common name of the hop plant known as 01051. The percentages I have seen on the web attributed to Apollo hops were in the double digits. Although I found some information about the hops, none of the big homebrewing supply stores had any Apollo hops available. Although it was cultivated in 2000, I find it weird that it is not readily available. It’s not that the big homebrewing shops don’t have it in stock, they don’t have a profile page for Apollo hops at all. Hope that changes. Maybe as the years go on, this variety will be more available to homebrewers.

Update: As of 2011, this variety is more available in homebrew shops. It’s a monster of a bittering hop. Although related to Bravo hops, this variety is one bad mother.

Origin: Golden Gate Roza Hop Ranches in Prosser, Washington (USA). Zeus x (98001 x USDA 19058m) Released for sale by Hopsteiner in 2006.
Aroma: Citrus notes, emphasis on orange, resiny, spicey
Alpha Acid: Between 18 and 21%
Typical Usage: Bittering
Beer Styles: Big experimental beers, any variety where hops should be showcased. American Ales.
- Brew Dudes

Pallidus Apollo

Pallidus Apollo(18.5%), a monster hop should make an interesting Single Hop Pale. OG: 1.053. The experiment is already paying off. My efficiency is improving. All went well (except when a towel caught fire briefly). This should be extremely different than Pallidus Ahtanum(5.2%) and Pallidus Crystal(3.9%) (Coming Soon).
Brewday: Pallidus Apollo
The pale ales are starting to stack up. Got to get my label on and get to distributing.

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Jendocino said...

Apollo sat in his golden palace
Needing water for his chalice
From a spring past borealis
For his father Zeus.

Corvus said, “Hey I can do it.
Piece of cake. Nothin to it!
Ain’t no distance but I’ve flew it.
Let me be of use.”

Famous last words...

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