Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fuck an OG

It took a couple of trips to a few stores but...
Cucurbita 2011 1
And then it was the longest brewday ever. Chopping and Roasting.
Cucurbita 2011 2
All Grain brewing.
Cucurbita 2011 4
Most recipes call for canned pumpkin. We went with fresh. I asked Chef what he knew about pumpkins. He said "Everything." I told him of my ideas for a Pumpkin Ale he said "Sugar Pies", "They're the sweetest and the first of the season." He offered to order me some immediately, even checked the price when I wasn't looking but I had no desire to cross the bridge to save a few bucks and I knew the Bowl would have them. They didn't, but the Bowl 2 did.
Cucurbita 2011 5
Some recipes call for adding the roasted flesh to the mash, some for adding to the boil. We did both. Half to the mash, half to the boil.
Cucurbita 2011 3
Kept it mild on the spice. Don't want a bottle of pumpkin pie.
Cucurbita 2011 6
It took Seven Hours and that didn't include the extensive cleaning necessary after the mess I made. I'm still cleaning grain and stick out of the kitchen. The dog helped with the floor.
Cucurbita 2011 7
All went well, the only disturbances were that after such a long day I forgot to get an OG reading, and I didn't get 5 full gallons. By the time it's conditioned there will be less. I did just get a 6.5 carboy so batches will get larger. Ferment in a 6.5, condition in a 5.

Cucurbita should be ready for Halloween and those that know, know it's A Very Special time of year.

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