Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today Was A Good Day

Bottled Vigoratus: Batch Two. All went well. It tasted good, smelled good, I kept it clean and took my time.
Batch Two: Vigoratus, Top
Batch Two Vigoratus, Bottom
10 22s & 19 12s
Then I racked Corvusblanca: Batch One into secondary and IT tasted good and smelled good. Very Interesting.
Stout and Wit
And Then I popped a bottle of Vigoratus: Batch One that was a couple of ounces short of full, had a nice hiss, and I poured it gently, being careful to retain the sediment in the bottle, hardly formed a head at all, BUT it tasted fine, a bit of a curious flavor but mostly chocolate, coffee, a bit of hop, stout. Much more encouraging than the first bottle.
Batch One: Vigoratus, taste two
Oh, and the Giants won.

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