Monday, October 31, 2011

Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!

Admiral (hop), an English hop high in bittering potential and showing typical English aroma, bred by Peter Darby at the Wye College from Challenger and Northdown parents. Admiral has high alpha-acids levels (13%-16% w/w) and moderate oil levels (1.0-1.7 ml/100 g) with an aroma that is described as "pleasant" or "English". It was developed to replace Wye Target as a high alpha variety but did not actually take hold commercially because it did not have sufficient tolerance of verticillium wilt. - Thomas Shellhammer, Alfred Haunold, and Peter Darby. The Oxford Companion to Beer. 2012

Pallidus Admiral

The Pallidus Single Hop Experiment continues. The song remains the same, same malt bill, same hop schedule, same IBU's (.5 IBUs +/-), same yeast. Started with the Cascade in the first brewing to give West Coast Respect. I returned to Oak Barrel and decided to go alphabetical through their coldbox. Availability comes and goes, if Citra popped up in the box I would grab all of it but that won't happen. It would never make it to the box, I would never know it was even there.

Pallidus Admiral(10.5%) for the second brewing. This experiment has a few purposes. The first is the obvious: Hop Palette Development (a lifelong endeavor). Everyone is brewing single hop pales and IPAs. I have 16 of the 19 Single Hop Mikkeller IPAs down in the cellar and plan to have a tasting luncheon with a small group. Pop all 16, tasting notes, finger sandwiches, you know how We do. Should be quite informative.

The second purpose is practice, practice, practice. Producing the same beer over and over again. Consistency.

Third, it's a fine beer to keep me brewing between inspirations and seasonals.

Chillin' with the Admiral

Overshot my target but not by much. Should be quite a different hopsperience from the Pallidus Cascade(6.4%) - 4.1% more alpha acids, "showing typical English aromas."

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