Saturday, June 11, 2011

Batch Three: Corvusblanca

I racked Vigoratus: Batch Two into the secondary fermenter and got busy.

With Corvusblanca: Batch One I have moved on to Partial Mash Brewing.
Batch Three: Corvusblanca 1
Corvusblanca was inspired by Casablanca, one of my all time favorites. It is a Belgian Wit with Moroccan Spices. A Belgian Expatriate in the Vichy-controlled Moroccan city of Casablanca.
Batch Three: Corvusblanca 2
Belgian candi sugar, coriander, bitter orange peel, sweet orange peel, ginger, turmeric, white peppercorns, black peppercorns, and saffron.
Batch Three: Corvusblanca 3
A bit of U.S. Golding and a Belgian Wit Ale Yeast.
Batch Three: Corvusblanca 4
Batch Three: Corvusblanca 5
My Original Gravity is a bit low and basically I don't know what the hell I'm doing and look at all that shit in the bottom of the carboy.
Batch Three: Corvusblanca 6
My third batch and I haven't even tasted one yet, but I've taken lots of notes and learned something everyday.

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Who are you really, and what were you before?

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