Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vigoratus: Batch One, First Tasting

Brewed 5/14
Secondary 5/26
Bottled 6/7
Tasted 6/22
Batch One: Vigoratus, 1st Tasting
15 days in bottle.
Small hiss upon opening, poured a big head that stuck around. (Let's remember that one fuck up with this batch was dumping the priming sugar into the bucket without making a proper simple syrup out of it first. Also didn't get proper gravity readings.)

There is a heavy yeast aroma in the nose. It is not proper. A bit in the taste as well, there is also hints of chocolate and coffee and stouty goodness.

A quick gooogling suggests waiting, aging, in bottle, and that's what we shall do.
Give it another week or three.

Hopefully bottling (with more patience and thought) Vigoratus: Batch Two on Saturday, and racking Corvusblanca: Batch One to the secondary fermentor. Freeing up a carboy... hmmm.

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