Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Wort Chiller is So Civilized

Vigoratus 1
Vigoratus 2
Vigoratus 3
Vigoratus 4

Corvus Vigoratus (Batch 2)
OG: 1.046?
IBUs: 50.2

Today's brewing went smoothly. The recipe has changed a bit, a work in progress, still think it's a West Coast Stout.

I made some good notes, learned a thing or two, and feel that this batch has an even better potential for success.

I took a cup of the wort from the bottom of the brewpot (as I poured it into the fermenter). This is where the sugars had settled during the chilling. This cup of wort had a OG of 1.126, lots of sugars, and I dumped it into Batch 1 in it's secondary fermenter. Give those yeasts a snack.

Still fine tuning my techniques and cleanliness but improvements have been and will continue to be made.

So will beer.

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