Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maillard Browning

Andy Drinks Corvus by HH

Corvus Vigoratus (Batch #1) is in the secondary fermenter. Gravity has dropped from 1.059 to 1.026 and it already tastes great. Of course I did a shitty job racking it into the second carboy. It's under four gallons now, over three. Twelve days in secondary and I'll bottle it. If it survives all the contaminants in the laboratory and in me it might be quite tasty.

I'm going to brew another batch of the same on Saturday. Slight change in recipe, but more of the same. I have other recipes created, brilliant brewing brainchilds, brainchildren, but I'm going to boil up some more Vigoratus and hone my skills. Call it a Flagship. Send a bottle to Andy, he loves mail.

Artwork courtesy of HH.

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Anonymous said...

May your beer be as magnificent as this dude's eyebrows.

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